Why an Impromptu Dance Party will improve your day

Stacy Skrysak wrote in the Huffington Post about why it is important to have an impromptu dance party in our lives.  After her toddler directed her to take part in an impromptu dance moment, she felt she benefited from not only a little mid-day exercise but also to take some time out at the request of her daughter.  Our schedules tend to run us, and our goals keep us on track. However, in any given moment, a little dance can only help in the middle of your day.

Lisa Richardson quotes scientists when she discovers the stress breaking benefits of a dance party. Oxford University found that exerting synchronous movement not only helped people release endorphins (the love chemical), but also helped with social bonding.  Got some pain? Dancing actually also helped the body deal with that.

In tribal cultures, dance was a common part of celebration, prayer, and connecting to our higher selves. Ecstatic dance can be used to connect with the spiritual side of yourself. 

So if you are bored, cranky, lonely, stuck, or in pain, put on some music, or call the professionals and we will get you up and moving. It's a no judgement zone! This is for your health!  Silly costume not required, just your body.



Impromptu Dance Party at the smoothie bar!

Impromptu Dance Party at the smoothie bar!