Why an Impromptu Dance Party will improve your day

Stacy Skrysak wrote in the Huffington Post about why it is important to have an impromptu dance party in our lives.  After her toddler directed her to take part in an impromptu dance moment, she felt she benefited from not only a little mid-day exercise but also to take some time out at the request of her daughter.  Our schedules tend to run us, and our goals keep us on track. However, in any given moment, a little dance can only help in the middle of your day.

Lisa Richardson quotes scientists when she discovers the stress breaking benefits of a dance party. Oxford University found that exerting synchronous movement not only helped people release endorphins (the love chemical), but also helped with social bonding.  Got some pain? Dancing actually also helped the body deal with that.

In tribal cultures, dance was a common part of celebration, prayer, and connecting to our higher selves. Ecstatic dance can be used to connect with the spiritual side of yourself. 

So if you are bored, cranky, lonely, stuck, or in pain, put on some music, or call the professionals and we will get you up and moving. It's a no judgement zone! This is for your health!  Silly costume not required, just your body.



Impromptu Dance Party at the smoothie bar!

Impromptu Dance Party at the smoothie bar!

Sometimes you need to just get MOVING!

Creating blood flow after sitting around or focusing on a difficult project can be just what you need in order to get your brain moving to a fresh perspective.  Invite our dancers to come and break up the monotony and drive innovation by bringing a little fun to the meeting. However formal or casual you choose to have the visit, we will accommodate what ever is needed to bring about the best experience.  Don't let the office sit in the Dul-drums, bring on the fun, bring on the Impromptu Dance Party!



Introducing VIDEO singing telegrams and dance parties

Need a last minute pick me up at the office? Need to celebrate a birthday that you just found out about?  Need to acknowledge someone's awesomeness last minute?  Choose the Impromptu Dance Part professionals.

We will work with you to create a custom on demand experience that you can stream into the office almost instantly! We have a variety of costumes, songs, and options that will help you celebrate that person, without interrupting the day, or dig too much into your wallet.

For $100 we will sing with your favorite song, to your recipient or create a dance moment for the whole office on your large screen LIVE through Skype or your favorite live video or meeting software.

Bring on the shift of energy, bring on the innovation that comes from adjusting your daily routine, make your recipient feel like a million bucks by celebrating their special moment!

Call us and we can discuss the details!



Katy BEE offers VIDEO or SKYPE singing telegrams and dance parties for the office!

Katy BEE offers VIDEO or SKYPE singing telegrams and dance parties for the office!

Is it getting stale in the office?

Does the office feel like it's in a funk? Need a turn around? Call us! We will make sure you have a unique time with a delivered in-person or Skype based pick-you-up.  Let us help design 15 minutes of uplifting brain jogging to help up the innovation in the office. Let us help you tell someone how much you care, even through SKYPE. We offer many ways to create a short message that your friends/ relatives/coworkers will not quickly forget. We ARE the best at what we do, and we aim to offer the highest quality experience.