Get a move on, toward innovation!

Bring on the party! you deserve it!


Covering the entire DC and Baltimore areas, we bring the team building, the ice breaking, and the innovation and creation to you!


Impromptu Dance Party will come to you, cause some disruptive innovation, breaking up the office monotony at the office.  Products are customized and directed specifically for your needs.  Bring us in to disrupt your daily routine. We will come to your event in telegram-style, with a speaker and your company's favorite songs. Take a minute to dance, your staff, your customers, and your co-workers will thank you for it.

There are at least three reasons to have an Impromptu Dance Party:

1. When the office is in the dul-drums and needs a creative and unstructured moment of clarity.

2. Because the team is in a rut and needs something to get the creative fires brewing.

3. To tell someone that they are loved and they are special.



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